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About Us

"Inspired by American artisanal coffee roasters and the Brazilian passion for gourmet coffees, Black Tucano Coffee Roasters was born, a new reference in high quality specialty coffees, combining international knowledge in roasting the best coffee blends with the most staff created by a unique Brazilian origin coffee".

We are coffee growers, roasters and coffee lovers. Passionate about different stories, different flavors, different sensations. In love with the new! Doing different challenges us! And to do something different, to bring the new, we were inspired by traditional American artisanal coffee roasters. Our goal: to bring you unique experiences, coffees from different origins, which prioritize quality, traceability and sustainability, taking into account social, environmental and economic aspects from bean to cup.
We are a team of coffee hunters, true coffee hunters in search of the best and rarest fruits, visiting the most distant and varied farms, with the aim of bringing unforgettable sensations and flavors to your cup. We combine the experience in the production and preparation of specialty coffees, with the professionalization of our roasting masters and with the entrepreneurial vision of those who have already been franchisees of the largest chain of coffee shops in the world!

We repudiate the failure to value the producer and the incorrect handling of the product. We disagree with intermediaries whose objectives are merely financial. And we believe in the power of change of conscious consumption, that is, the one in which the origin of the product is known, how much and when to consume it, why to consume it and, finally, how to consume it correctly. The need to make these thoughts a reality gave rise to Black Tucano Coffee Roasters.
We were inspired by a bird native to the regions of South and Central America, the toucan, to bring our logo to life. Its rare and exotic beauty, peacefully flying over the coffee plantations that make up these regions, is something unique to see, to witness, and transforms imaginations and sensations into creativity in the preparation of more than special coffees.
The coffee we seek is one whose cultivation is sustainable. We prioritize close and direct relationships with producers as well as respect and value the work of the coffee grower. We know that, in many cases, a family's income depends exclusively on coffee. Our mission, in this scenario, is to offer a fair value that rewards all dedication and encourages quality production.
To be internationally recognized as a company that promotes fair trade relations with producers, standing out for the use of sustainable raw materials, qualified staff and equipment, and committed to quality and total customer satisfaction.
Respect for the environment, producer and consumer; Ethics and transparency; Quality; Sustainability; Do it with passion; Innovation; Results.
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