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Beber café pode inibir o sono? Saiba os benefícios e como consumir a bebida!

Can drinking coffee inhibit sleep? Learn the benefits and how to consume the drink!

THEcoffee consumption it is part of the habit of Brazilians at any time of the day. Brazil leads the global demand with an annual average of 817 cups per person. But after all, coffee can inhibit sleep or that is a myth. A study by the Molecular Biology Laboratory in Cambridge, England, and published in Science Translation Medicine, revealed that caffeine can alter the circadian cycle, because it acts as an inducer of wakefulness and releases neurotransmitters that stimulate brain cells..
Another survey, done by Wayne State University in Michigan, showed that drinking the drink up to five hours before bedtime can reduce the rest period by one hour. This is because the substance postpones the production of spikes in melatonin, a hormone produced in non-luminous periods that indicate the onset of sleep.
“Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulating substance. In moderate doses, it produces excellent physical and intellectual performance, with increased concentration and agility in sensory stimuli. On the other hand, high doses can cause anxiety, nervousness, muscle tremors, tachycardia, tinnitus and increased wakefulness, compromising sleep, explains sleep consultant Renata Federighi..
There are people, however, who end up becoming conditioned and tolerant to the effects of caffeine, as the expert explains. In these cases, even if the person believes that it does not interfere with sleep time, the substance can hinder its quality, as it increases the number of awakenings during the night, he warns.a.
But, what to do to consume the much-loved coffee and still guarantee a relaxing sleep Renata explains that, as everything in excess is bad, it is recommended to moderate the dosage of coffee a day and avoid drinking hours before bed. To get a sense, caffeine stays in the body for up to eight hours, whether from coffee, or any other stimulating drink, such as sodas and some teas, guides.ta.
“In addition, some precautions can be taken to improve nights of sleep. Try to sleep at least eight hours a night, use adequate pillows and mattresses to maintain postural discipline, take a warm bath before bed to relax, avoid using electronic devices, keep the environment cool, quiet and as dark as possible and make light meals before bedtime, adds the consultant..
Source: Folha Vitória
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