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Maior consumidor de café do mundo, Brasil tem expansão em mercado de cafés especiais

Largest coffee consumer in the world, Brazil has expansion in specialty coffee market

Brazil passed the United States and consolidated itself as the largest consumer of coffee in the world, according to a survey by Euromonitor Internacional. On average, Brazilians drink 839 cups of coffee a year. It gives more than two a day.

The market is expanding and in particular the specialty coffee niche. According to the association that brings together the industries, the coffee market in Brazil is experiencing the third wave. The first brought the coffee inside the house. The instant type and the vacuum packaging. In the second wave, there were cafes with drinks also based on espresso. The third wave comes with the appearance of regional brands. New manufacturing techniques. The consumer begins to discover the taste of coffee.

The fourth wave is already coming, the one where in addition to experience, more and more, the consumer wants exclusivity in coffee. In the store of businesswoman Gelma Franco, for example, the customer can create their own blend, the mixture itself, through an app. In the application, the customer marks the entrance, secondary, body aroma, acidity, sweetness and residual flavor. The customer takes the beans home and at home does the whole roasting and grinding process, or takes the bag ready to consume.


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