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The Brazilian Association of Specialty Coffees BSCA informs that open until September 4, theas registrations to Cup of Excellence - 2019, the main quality contest in the world, carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency Apex-Brasil and a Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE. All Arabica coffee producers can apply (Coffea Arabica) of the country, respecting the minimum volume of six bags and the maximum of 15 bags, being allowed only one sample per property, regardless of the number of producers it has.

This year, the Cup of Excellence you will receive samples of natural coffees and peeled / pulped cherries in a single category, refining the search for beans produced with excellence in Brazil. The cut marks in the pre-selection and in the national phase are 86 points on the scale of zero to 100 in the competition. In this edition, the 30 coffees that obtain the best grades in the international phase will be considered champions, when the minimum score rises to 87 points. The "National Champions" will also be elected, which will correspond to cafes with scores above 85 points and not being among the 30 winners.

The pre-selection of the samples entered in the contest will be carried out by professionals chosen during the judges' test held by BSCA, between 10 and 19 September. Coffees with ratings above 86 points will be classified for the national phase, when they will be reassessed, from 8 to 12 October, by a jury composed of Brazilian professionals from the main companies in the sector in the country. In this stage, those who again receive a score equal to or higher than 86 points will dispute the title of best special coffee in Brazil in the international phase, between October 15 and 18, when evaluators from the main importers and coffee houses from all over the world will make the definition of the 30 champions. The award ceremony will take place on the 19th of the same month.

Twenty years after its creation in Brazil, the Cup of Excellence returns to Lavras MG, where its history began in the country, in 1999. From October 15 to 19, having as host entities the Federal University of Lavras Ufla and the SanCoffee cooperative, the main quality contest for specialty coffees in the world will have its final phase held at the Post-Café Coffee Post-Harvest Study Center of the educational institution, which is one of the most important coffee research centers in the country. país.

The Champions Cup of Excellence 20199 will participate in a disputed international auction, via internet, on November 26th. In the 2018 competition, the price paid for the champion's 60 kg bag was equivalent to R 73,000 US 143 per pound. Considering that the New York Stock Exchange, the product's main trading platform, closed the auction on the same date of the auction, November 29, at US 1.0850 per pound, the value achieved by the BSCA contest champion was 13,180 higher than the market conventional that day. National Champion coffees will be offered between the 25th and 29th of November.ovembro.

Cup of Excellence 20199
Sample delivery: September 4
Pre selection: 10th to 19th September
Pre-selection result: September 20
Batch deposit in certified warehouses: September 20th to October 1st
Delivery of samples by warehouses: October 2
National phase: October 8th to 12th
National phase result: October 12th
International stage: October 15th to 18th
Awards' ceremony: October 19
Sale National Champions: 25th to 29th of November
Auction Cup of Excellence: November 26th
Payment to National Champions: January 30, 2020
Payment to Cup of Excellence champions: January 30, 2020

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Paulo André C. Kawasaki
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