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Empresa cria cafés especiais com ingrediente típico da cerveja

Company creates specialty coffees with typical beer ingredient

The line was developed with dry-infused grains with Centennial hops in bloom. The process is carried out before and after the roasting phase

Do you like coffee AND beer Now, how about mixing the twois?

Thinking of both worlds, the chain of specialty coffeesFrancks Ultra Coffe did. Barista Marcelo Franck, a lover of specialty beers, decided to launch an unprecedented line of hopped coffees.

 “The idea came when I was making beer at home. The fruity aroma of noble hops was so pleasant and intense that it seemed relatively easy to transfer these characteristics to the coffee beans. That's when I started my studies and tests until I arrived at cafes that bring a unique experience for those who love coffee and are looking for remarkable preparations, comments Marcelo..

The coffees of the hop line are developed with dry-infused beans with Centennial hops in bloom. The process is carried out before and after the roasting phase.

There are dozens of exclusive beans from different parts of Brazil that reflect all the creativity and innovation of the new national production of specialty coffees when mixed with the traditional brewing item, reveals Marcelo.

“There are several interesting methods that highlight the characteristics of hopped coffees, but my favorites are the infusion methods, such as the French press and the Clever, details the specialist..

Love for both worlds

Francks Ultra Coffee's connection with craft beers is nothing new. The brand started in the beer market, in 2015. Passionate about craft beers, Marcelo Franck started to produce coffee matured in barrels of spirits to supply to breweries..

But the grains were so successful that the brewers began to ask for smaller packages for domestic consumption.

 Source: Canal Rural

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